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At Addison Pilot Shop, we want to nurture your love of aviation, whether you are a veteran pilot finally remembering the reason you began flying after years dedicated to your career, a professional finally earning a living after sleeping in your car to make your dream of an aviation career come true, or the beginner just starting on her way to fulfill that starry-eyed girl's passion for wings.

Once the aviation dream has consumed you there is no turning back. We want you to have all the products we struggled to find during our own aviation experiences. With over 1700 square feet, and over 10,000 products available we hope you will find us to be the most accommodating shop in the region. As the saying goes, if it isn't here, it's because nobody wants it. You will never have to worry if you are getting a fair price, the right product, or that you are stuck with something that doesn't work for you.

Most any item is returnable within a reasonable timeframe, and if we don't have what you are looking for, chances are that we can order it. If we can't we will direct you to most likely sources of obtaining it. We spend hours upon hours each day researching specials, promotions, and everyday low prices to make sure we are on target with the market for every item, ensuring that you will not be overpaying for your selections. Most importantly, we acknowledge that without our customers, we cannot survive. If we cannot make each and every customer feel like our most important customer, then we are not doing our job and I want to know about it! We welcome you come in, enjoy the hands-on experience of the products that interest you, get opinions and feedback on products, hang out with the locals, and even check the bulletin board for used equipment, aircraft sales, instructors and schools, and JOBS!

We want you to feel welcomed, not hurried, so take your time, there is lots to see. Have some homemade cookies- we almost always have them.

We all have military aircraft experience, and manager Brenda Shults is most always available for sharing her product knowledge. She is a retired Army avionics and communications security technician, a member of Manchester Who's Who among American Business Women, and an EAA and AOPA member. She is also an honorary chairman of the Business Advisory Council.

Larry Shults, one of the owners, is a certified helicopter and general aviation flight instructor, one of only 129 pilots with all available licenses and ratings, excluding float. He has flown and instructed for the U. S. Army, Navy and DEA, and had an extended career with the Dallas Police Department. Larry was also instrumental in the initial design of the Eurocopter.

Earlette Shults was the original owner of Lone Star Pilot Shop in Addison and grew the business from a corner in Cavanaugh's Flight Museum to the best pilot shop of its time. Her expertise in negotiation and sourcing research is a huge asset to every customer that enters. You can be assured she has sought out the best deals from the best sources available.

Together, this team offers the complete pilot shop, a candy store of sorts, one that inspires a sense of integrity and pride that is felt inside of every aviator- both young and old, veteran and aspiring- an encouragement of community, the strong ties made in the industry and the excitement that you will surely feel in getting to actually touch that product you have waited so long to see.

We are so please you have decided to check out our site and hope it will encourage you to come see what we have going on today at Addison Pilot Shop! You will love the brands, you'll love the prices, and we'd love to have you!


Medical Certification Requirements can be found on the following chart provided by ASA.

Dallas County, Collin County Denton County Examiners can be found at the link below, provided by the FAA:

At some point in your flying adventure you will need to contact your local FSDO (Flight Standards District Office), and it should be your first stop as you begin. Some of the issues they can assist you with are listed below:

  • Low-flying aircraft
  • Accident Reporting
  • Air carrier certification and operations
  • Aircraft maintenance
  • Aircraft operational issues
  • Aircraft permits
  • Airmen certification (licensing) for pilots, mechanics, repairmen, dispatchers, and parachute riggers
  • Certification and modification issues
  • Enforcement of airmen & aircraft regulations

    CentrePort Business Park
    14800 Trinity Blvd.
    Suite 200
    Fort Worth, TX 76155
    Phone: (817) 684-6700 or 1 (866) 256-1219 Fax: (817) 684-6757
    Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Central Time, Monday - Friday
    Office visits by appointment only

    Dallas/Ft.Worth FSDO Service Area
    The DFW FSDO conducts 14 CFR Part 121 oversight and surveillance throughout Texas and other areas in the Southwest region. When outside the DFW area,you can locate an FSDO at this link, provided by the FAA:

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